63-year-old Female, 16-year-old Female, 13-year-old Female, 6-year-old Female, Newborn Female

Family Details

Family ID: 242

  1. Kathy- 63 Female Clothing- Active wear, Loungewear, Jacket -Size XL, Boots-Size 7 Women, Bedding Comforter- Queen Size
  2. Nedevah- 16 Female Clothing Shirts, Pants- Size 14 Women, Jacket- Size XL Women, Shoes- Size 11 Women, Personal Items- Bath and Body, Earrings, Gift Card
  3. Nakayra- 13 Female Clothing Shirts, Pants- Size 14 Women, Jacket-Size XL Women Boots- Size 8 Women, Gift Card, Accessories
  4. Zoe- 6 Female Clothing Shirts, Pants, Jacket-Size 7, Boots- Size 13 Children,  Arts and Crafts, Toys- Barbie Head (African American) and Mermaid Doll
  5. Kaydenc- Newborn Female Clothing- Size 0-3 months, Baby Items- Activity Gym Toy, Blankets, Chair Seat and Car Seat Cover, High Chair

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