26 year old Female, 18 year old Male, 6 year old Male, 3 year old Male

Family Details

Family ID: 5514
Name: Damarion Thomps Age: 6 Gender: Male Bicycle/20″ (Size:7/8, Color Pref: Black) – 7/8 shirt and jeans black, size 1 in shoes, nerf gun, training wheels, boy toys
Name: Damoni Thompson Age: 3 Gender: Male Bicycle/12″ (Size:4t-5t, Color Pref: Orange) – 4t-5t shirt and jeans, dinosaurs, toy cars, spiderman, paw patrol toys
Name: Jimmerious Age: 18 Gender: Male Bicycle/Adult (Size:Md/32, Color Pref: Red) – Md shirt, 32 jeans, size 8 shoe men, gift card
Name: Tatisha Smith Age: 26 Gender: Female Kitchen/Pots / Pans (Size:2x/Lg, Color Pref: Black) – 2x shirt, Lg in tights/leggings, comforter set gray and white pillows, 9 shoes in women

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