32 year old Female, 11 year old Male, 4 year old Female, 2 year old Male

Family Details

Family ID: 5522
Name: Bailey Age: 4 Gender: Female Bicycle/14″ (Size:5t, Color Pref: NO PREFERENCE) – 5t shirt and pants, makeup, barbies, play kitchen, learning games
Name: Braylin Age: 2 Gender: Male Bicycle/12″ (Size:2t, Color Pref: Red) – 2t shirt&pants, learning games, toys, spongebob,little men, sports toys
Name: Jayden DIllion Age: 11 Gender: Male Bicycle/26″ (Size:14/16, Color Pref: Blue) – 14/16 shirt and pants, board games, basketball, coat hat and gloves
Name: Porsha Age: 32 Gender: Female Household/Cleaning Supplies (Size:md, Color Pref: NO PREFERENCE) – Md shirt, 9/10 pants, size 8.5 women shoes, queen size comforter set, bike(Adult), mixer,deccoration

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