33 year old Female , 5 year old Male , 3 year old Male , 0 year old Male

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Family ID: 4522
dequrrian (5, Male) — Toys/Football (Size: 6T, Color pref: Green) – Football, action figures, under clothes, scooter, educational toys, board games
Kendrick (3, Male) — Toys/Football (Size: 5T, Color pref: Orange) – Scooter, educational toys, action figures, hats, under clothes
Quadir (0, Male) — Baby Items/Play Pen (Size: 3-6m, Color pref: NO PREFERENCE) – Bottles, high chair, blankets, diapers size 2, activity gym toy, toys
Quiesha (33, Female) — Kitchen/Crockpot (Size: XL, Color pref: Purple) – Rice cooker, cooking utensils, plates and bowls, coffee pot, forks and spoons, crock pot

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