35 year old Male , 26 year old Female , 7 year old Male , 4 year old Male , 0 year old Male

Family Details

Family ID: 4311
Alexis (26, Female) — Kitchen/Pots / Pans (Size: Lg, Color pref: NO PREFERENCE) – Pots and pans, forks and spoons pump, tulster, glasses, comforter king size, bathroom bathrobe
Kahari (4, Male) — Bicycle/12″ (Size: sm/4T, Color pref: Blue) – Boots, pajamas, bathrobe, action figures, educational toys, books, arts and crafts
Kahli (7, Male) — Bicycle/16″ (Size: lg/12, Color pref: Red) – Socks, pajamas, boots, winter coat, bathrobe, books, board games, and educational toys
Kamari (0, Male) — Clothing/Pajamas (Size: 6-9M, Color pref: NO PREFERENCE) – Riding toy, activity game, walking toy
Louis (35, Male) — Kitchen/Coffee Pot (Size: lg, Color pref: NO PREFERENCE) – Coffee pot, bathrobe, slippers

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