41 year old Female, 17 year old Male, 9 year old Male, 2 year old Male

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Family ID: 5031

Name: Clyde Age: 2.0 Gender: Male Baby Items/Play Pen (Size: , Color Pref: NO PREFERENCE) – Baby clothing 3-6 months Blankets, Bottles, Pacific’s, Wipes, diaper size 2 and 3
Name: Denise Age: 41.0 Gender: Female Bedding/Comforter (Size: , Color Pref: NO PREFERENCE) – 7 shoe and Underwear, Double King Size Comforter, Sheets, XL bath Robe, Slippers, Socks,Bath Towels,
Name: Gary Age: 17.0 Gender: Male Clothing/PANTS (ANY) (Size:ADU SM, Color Pref: NO PREFERENCE) – 11 Mens, 29×32 Slim Pants, Adult Bike, Joggers, UNO Quotro games, Pajamas, Queen Comforter Set
Name: Jairen Age: 9.0 Gender: Male Bicycle/16″ (Size:12 H, Color Pref: NO PREFERENCE) – 12 Husky top & Pants, Socks, Board Games, Tennis Shoes, Football Jerseys, Polo Shirts , Crocs, Ball

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