75 year old Female, 62 year old Male, 14 year old Female, 12 year old Female

Family Details

Family ID: 5124

Name: Bailie Baham Age: 14.0 Gender: Female Bicycle/26″ (Size:Md, Color Pref: Pink) – Md shirt, size 8 women shoe, winter jacket md, queen comforter set, arts and crafts,painting supplie
Name: Barbara Randall Age: 75.0 Gender: Female Bedding/Comforter (Size:xl,md, Color Pref: NO PREFERENCE) – xl shirt, md pants, size 8 women, queen size sheets and comforter, bath towels
Name: Brandon Baham Age: 12.0 Gender: Male Bicycle/24″ (Size:14/16, Color Pref: Blue) – 14/16 shirt and pants, size 8 men shoes, basketball, football, comforter set twin size
Name: Gregory Randall Age: 62.0 Gender: Male Kitchen/Crockpot (Size:11 men, Color Pref: Black) – Air fryer, Boots or sneakers black or brown size 11 men

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